Giancarlo Ciccozzi

Italian painter and sculptor, L'Aquila, 1973


Ciccozzi is considered one of the most popular emerging artists in the contemporary abstract art scene. His artistic sensitivity is linked to the studies and the movements of the great Masters like Burri, de Kooning, Marotta, Castellani, Mariani, Basaldella, Rothko, and therefore conceptually and intimately grown with the poetics of international abstract expressionism. Ciccozzi's vision is always evolutionary without pauses or falls in stylistic crystallization; it develops in an inexhaustible and natural innovative momentum, in different ways of extraordinary freshness and creativity with an exceptional essentiality in propositional ways. In his works it is clear from the outset that his research is basically still aimed at the poetic sublimation of matter, such as wood, stone, metals or objects used and worn down by time and use. With Ciccozzi, materials worn out by time, such as molds created through its manipulations and natural or chemical treatments, become art. 

An original intrinsic technique in the work of Ciccozzi through which he places an innovation on the technique of controlled promotion of the proliferation of molds on canvas, wood and jute, which then, with pictorial works immediately following, explicates his art with unique sentiment and results and unparalleled. The supports that the Ciccozzi chooses and uses are not random; already in them there is something strictly and conceptual emotional linked to the past and the poetic of matter. It is the same work that with time captures the soul of the place. The creative process is strictly informal and conceptual, and is carried out in very long times in which the work grows and takes shape, takes color and is animated by itself according to controlled treatments of the artist. The technique involves water, natural pigments, oils, powders, oxides, kaolin, stone, wood, metals and fabrics. It is the artist who, with his marked sensitivity, controls, measures, accentuates or constantly blocks the progression of the process. It highlights all the poetic charge as solid residues of existence, not only human, but we could also say cosmic. Today we can say with certainty that in the work of Ciccozzi art always intervenes "after", ... "after" that the art materials have already been "used and consumed". They speak to us of a lucid memory and urge us to think of everything that happened in the previous life of those materials before they were definitively fixed in the stillness of the work of art. His work has radically challenged his concept of art and the relationship with his life. Art as a fiction that imitates life is now definitively overtaken by an art that illustrates life with the sincerity, crudeness and joy of life itself.

Critical Notes

"A character of culture without rhetoric".

The art critic prof. Vittorio Sgarbi, Giorgio Di Genova, and prof. Mauro Fantinato in the special review "Marcinel262" and in the book "Italians", write about him: "... and in the need to explain traumatic suffering, Giancarlo Ciccozzi discovers the elaborate gestures of a material-informal, respectful, with a committed and captivating aspect. Painter of the soul, currently working at night, when life around is quiet, the personal conscience rests and the unconscious re-emerges, still strongly shaken. Mara Ferloni: "Ciccozzi is characterized by a rigorous stylistic style; strong and suffused colors distinguish his material and informal works, transforming the vision of reality with chromatic values ​​that reach an expressive intensity that goes beyond the boundaries of forms and sometimes even of his ideas ". The author's positivity, however, incessantly works to heal the wounds and already begins to see the constructive intent of shapes with solar colors and the more extended backgrounds, while still preserving the appearance of dangerously pointed darts. With the bright color he stains the woods, the stuccos and the plastic with which he then realizes his paintings. In this case, "the usury and tragedy" that had marked the materials is no longer that of "life", but is that of "death and suffering", which will later be transformed, in a subsequent reprocessing phase, into an energy that has an almost metaphorical, almost primordial value. The works, made in white or black, or in bright colors, have the appearance of the earth, trampled, walked, lived and worn. With his musicality and with a distinctly poetic streak he is always present; therefore, the concept of "pathological state" that reaches its greatest cosmic inspiration with the series "Transpositions" and the "Notturni", phases of re-elaboration of its previous states of mind. In these works, made with a mixture of kaolin, stucco, vinavil and pigment fixed on canvas and other supports, it reaches the maximum of purity and aesthetic and conceptual expression.

Awards, prizes and main exhibitions


He exhibited at the Palazzo dell'Emiciclo, seat of the Presidency of the Regional Council of the Abruzzo Region in 2019. He exhibited at the Royal Palace of Portici, Metropolitan City of Naples 2019 He exhibited at Arte Madrid, AR.CO Madrid for Artetra in March 2019. He exhibited at Arte Praga, AR.CO, for Artetra in January 2019.

Personal exhibition at the Palace of the Albanian Prime Minister, COD - Center for Openness and Dialogue Kryeministria, Tirana, 2018

Exhibition at Arte Salerno, Palazzo Fruscione, Artetra, Salerno 2018.

First prize at the I ^ 201 International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Pescara 2018, Circolo Aternino, Pescara - Italy

Exhibition at the Contemporary Art Biennial of Calabria, Museum of Praia a Mare, Cosenza, 2018

Personal exhibition at the prestigious National Museum of Albanian History, Piazza Skandeberg - Tirana (AL), June 2018:

Exhibition at I° Biennial internationa art of Pescara, Circolo Aternino, 2018, Pescara.

Personal exhibition at the Art Gallery in Valona; Vlore (AL), July 2018

Awarded the International "I Bronzi di Riace" Prize - "International Award for Human Rights 2016, from the Italy Academy in Art in the World, Lecce 2017.

Exhibition at the "Biennial of Contemporary Art of the Belvedere of San Leucio, Bourbon Military Quarter, Palace of the Belvedere of San Leucio, Caserta 2017

Personal exhibition at the Spoleto Art Festival, Art in the City 2017, September 2017

Personal exhibition on the occasion of the 723 'Perdonanza Celestiniana, Palazzo Lely Gualtieri - L'Aquila 2017

Exposition in Venice, Palazzo Albrizi-Capello ", Emotion Art for Soul, by Mario Castellese and Mauro Fantinato, Venezia 2017.

Exhibition at the "Intimarte" Contemporary Art Exhibition with Vittorio Sgarbi, Rocca Paolina Fortress, Perugia 29017, Italy. 

Exposition in the monumental halls of the Palazzo della Cancelleria in Rome, "Omaggio a Frida Kahlo", curated by Rosario Sprovieri and Amedeo Fusco, Rome 2017.

First prize at the "Biennale of Sense and Matter", Greccio, Rieti, 2017

Awarded the "Beato Angelico Prize" - "International Prize for Human Rights 2016, from the Accademia Italia in Arte nel Mondo, Lecce 2016.

Exposes at the "43rd Sulmona Award 2016" at the invitation of Vittorio Sgarbi, Enzo Le Pera, Giorgio Di Genova, Sulmona 2016.

Publications on "Italian" catalog edited by Vittorio Sgarbi (EA Editore).

Published on "Percorsi d'Arte Italiana" by Giorgio Di Genova and Enzo Le Pera (Rubbettino Editore).

Personal exhibition at Palazzo Natellis, L'Aquila 2016 on the occasion of the Perdonanza Celestiniana 2016.

Exhibition at the "Triennale di Verona 2016" with Vittorio Sgarbi, Paolo Levi, Sandro Serradifalco, Estemio Serri, Palaexpò, Verona 2016.

On show at the "Premio Arte Roma 2016", Stadium of Domitian, Rome 2016.

On show at the "Premio Arte Impero" curated by Paolo Levi, with exhibition at the Carouselle du Louvre in Paris, Palazzo Stenbergh (Embassy) in Vienna, Palazzo Brancaccio in Rome.

Personal exhibition at the Natellis Palace in L'Aquila - Celestinian Forgiveness - Municipality of L'Aquila, 2016.

"Marcinelle262" exhibition 2016 - Veneto, Abruzzo, Sicily - curated by Mario Catellese, Mauro Fantinato.

Awarded at "L'isola che c'è", Villa Castelnuovo, with Vittorio Sgarbi, Palermo.

Exhibits at the "Oscar Project", Hollywood, California USA, at the Conference Room, 6250 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, New York. Washington, USA.

First prize at the M.A.C.S. museum at the exhibition "On the traces of St. Francis of Assisi", by Maestro Guido Carlucci, Greccio, Rieti, 2016.

Showroom painting exhibition in Miami 2016/17, Florida, USA.

Awarded at the "2nd Biennial of the Senso and Materia", curated by Guido Carlucci, Greccio, Rieti 2015/16.

Awarded at the "XXIII ° International G. D'Annunzio Award", Aurum, Pescara, 2015.

Awarded at the "Michelangelo Buonarroti International Award" - "2015 Artist", Seravezza, Lucca.

Awarded at the "Gran Sasso d'Italia Festival", Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Calascio, L'Aquila, 2015.

Personal exhibition, Auditorium Renzo Piano, L'Aquila, 2015

Personal exhibition on the occasion of the "722 ° Celestinian Forgiveness", L'Aquila, 2015 and 2016. 

Exhibitions in galleries in Rome, Florence, Siena, Terni, Rieti, Caserta, L'Aquila, Pescara, Sulmona, Chieti, Palermo, Lecce, San Leucio, Caserta, Salerno, Gubbio, Spoleto, Treviso, Turin, Tirana, Valona, Miami, Florida USA, Washington, Los Angeles, London, Cannes and Zurich.

Giancarlo Ciccozzi, artist, painter and sculptor. L'Aquila, Abruzzo. L'Aquila 1973.

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