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Certification of works, authentications, archiving and authorizations

To obtain the official certification of Ciccozzi's works

Certificates of Authenticity and authorship of the work;
Archiving certificates at the official historical archive of the artist;
Request for commissioned works (paintings and sculptures) - The artist reserves the time and method for returning the work.
Request for works on loan for private exhibitions, organizations or associations.

The costs of the service are borne by the applicant.

In the event that one or more works are assets belonging to an art gallery, organization or private collection, all procedures for the authentic request will be set in motion, where possible. For the consent to the loan request of the works of art and consent for advertising of the images or information (art.35 of Legislative Decree no.33, 2013, n.33).
Send the request to:
For further details and clarifications: telephone: +39 346.8386560

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